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Lirik Lagu Dragon Red - Holocaust

This collective immerse submarine tactics
Nukin' capacity like the matrix
Mythical pieces of a new born skin
Adapt with the Buddha's remarkable scheme
Task indicates life should take its path
Sins of wishful thinking the karma comes back

Style in the design of genius ministry
Accents shows truth the artistry
Intensity all the pressure which evolves
How do u come by to resolve this blood cloth?
Read the book of all my devotion
Read the sacrifices my motion

Step inside my mind revenge you'll find
Fighting for what is mine has never been a crime
Observe all the pains
Jealous by my gains
Assault on the flames
Making me insane

Stay back, away my path and
I'm back with my holocaust you'll be trapped
Just let it go

I have built an empire to live in
To live in shelter and where I won't refrain
You can try to seize me down
You can't help, but you see me drown
I'll take this time to let you know how I felt

Can't take it...
Wanna break it...
Disrupt it...
Destroy it...
Release it...
Subdue it...

Can't take anymore of this
This life is mine, I will survive
This Holocaust will make you go away

Who brings the myth bring it on
I'm ready for this s**t
You'll be taken on hit by hit
Don't you decline the cream is mine
Don't never ever cross the line
Withdrawing is one thing the Buddha wont confine


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