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Lirik Lagu FTG - Song From Unwanted Son

It feels so wrong it feels so lone
Caught in the rain
I’m left in the rain
Just hear me cry and left to die
Lord I survive…

I hate my mom smile with her sin
I hate my dad works as a pimp
Their soul are blind evil in their mind
Fear for no signs…

I try I beg and say
To them will you please
Please don’t hide and run
I know I know you feel a shame
Cause I
I was the unwanted child

I’m fill with hate for what they’re done
I feel so bed miss all the fun
Feel so sad like, like the dead
Never they care…..

You! Never, never ,never, try
Tell me I’m your child
Never, never, never, show
Tell me if you care
Never ,never, never, will
And that I know….

What is faith, what is fear, what is pain
I don’t hear, I don’t see, I don’t feel
Must I cry, must I beg, must I pray
In the day, in the night, in the rain
Dad tell me, mom tell me, why should in die…..


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