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Lirik lagu Cromok - The Other

Try to decide
Solve a puzzle without a clue
Imagination can save yourself
or split your head in two
Right and wrong would never be the same
For them
Your mind teach you to speak the truth
Listen to the others
who tell stories and fairytales
Telling lies can save your skin from
Ugly words
The truth that you
should tell to every one
But you ashamed of the truth
that you have done
Humiliation is your enemy
The other
Can kill them with a single blow
Of fantasy,
the more you tell the higher you will be
But if you fall smash yourself
into tiny pieces

You cheat and lie
He’ll celebrate his own glory
He’ll live in guilt
Tortured by his own conciseness
How far can you go
How many stories can you tell him
Taught to be selfish
Think for himself

You speak the truth
He’ll rest in peace without a sin
Miserable life
Crucified by ruthless people
You know his weakness
To face the world with a guilty face
No respect for him
Isolated by his own shadow

Tell me where I’ve been (tell me)
Tell me cause I’m lost
Tell me what I’ve seen (tell me)
Tell me cause I’m blind

I can teach you lies
I can make a promise
I slip away from guilt
But you can’t escape from sin
I can speak the truth
I can teach you innocence
You can run away from guilt
But you can’t escape the world
We have given many guidelines

You can make your move
We have sacrifice the time
The time belongs to you
Further challenge and question
Don’t have to worry now
One of us will be here
One of us will show you how
Your time is up my friend
We’re listening to you
You can change your decision
Our decision has no rules
The world will be on their knees
Your fiction they will hear
Your body won’t stand on your feet
When everything is clear
I’m Jeckyll, I’m Hyde
We live inside you, you can’t hide
We’re in your mind, we’re in your heart
You can hear us till the day you die

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