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Lirik Lagu Cromok - Metallurgical

Slow attack for Beta
Subject to kill thoughtless mind
No chance for you to defy

Endless destruction from a timeless spell
Sacrifice your body to the one in line
Failure, regret for the rest of your life

Heavy burden on your lap
You've fallen into imminent trap
Nurgatory result is yours to face

Intestinal disorder, crystallise internally
Silence in pain, ominous of disorder
Imminent survival, your soul rots away
Sepulchural scream, dig your own grave

Bless us, you'll die
Numb skull, prayers cry
Doomsday, insanity
No choice, you'll fail

Brain cells, damage of order
Each dot of memory
Destroyed and left to dust

Metallurgical will do you harm
And you must learn how to sacrifice
Let the force fight till the end

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